Selling privately: good platforms

If you are looking for a platform to sell privately, you can opt for eBay, private sellers also have a chance on Amazon. Etsy is almost as well known. There are, however, more interesting portals. We have examined for you what there is for privately selling on platforms.

Fairmondo: sell privately on a platform for environmentally conscious people

If you want to sell privately on a platform for fair trade and the environmentally conscious, you can choose Fairmondo. Commercial dealers are also welcome here, but if you only want to sell privately on this platform, you save the listing and sales fees. Borrowing, giving away and swapping is also possible here. Users can also sell privately on the platform and then donate the proceeds to a good cause. Commercial dealers pay a sales commission.

Shpock: sell privately on a platform like a flea market

Everything works free of charge with the exception of a few additional functions. The name Shpock means „Shop in your pocket“ because it is an app. The fastest way to sell privately on this platform is to take a photo of the goods and post the photo, including the text and price. Interested parties can send messages straight away via the app. Thanks to GPS, it is possible to place the offers locally.

reBuy: privately sell used electronics on one platform

The reBuy portal specializes in used electronics, which sellers can send in free of charge from a purchase value of 10 euros. The portal operators then take a close look at them. You can sell your electronics privately on this platform, but you process the purchase directly with the portal because the experts there can assess what the devices are really worth. After checking, they then sell them on. If they are no longer usable, the purchase does not take place, which entails a chargeable return to the seller or disposal at the seller’s expense.

Zoxs: Sell video games privately on this platform

Zoxs accepts the video games free of charge (shipping on account of the seller), a payout as credit brings a bonus of 10%. This portal also controls the goods very closely and does not pay very high purchase prices. Zoxs not only accepts video games, which was once the original focus, but also smartphones, laptops and consoles.

Selling books and clothing privately on the Momox platform

Momox, which is also available as an app (iOS and Android), also enables the goods to be sent in free of charge and focuses on clothing and books, but now also accepts CDs, DVDs and games. Since Momox itself acts as a buyer, the goods do not have to be photographed and displayed. Simply sending them is enough.

Selling former favorite clothes privately on the Vinted platform

Vinded is not completely free, but it is recommended to everyone who has a full wardrobe and now sells what used to be loved privately on a platform that lovingly takes care of them. As a seller, you can create a virtual wardrobe that contains all of the items you want to sell, which is straightforward with the Vinted app. The portal provides the sellers with a virtual wallet in which the sales proceeds land, which can then be easily transferred to their own account. This makes sense insofar as women in particular sell used clothes privately on a platform and therefore use their Vinted account again and again.

Top dog eBay

We want to briefly talk about eBay because all those who are selling something privately on a platform for the first time think of this traditional dealer. It has many advantages and sophisticated functions, and the articles are usually easily found via search engines (Google & Co.). Therefore, you should also take a look around here for your private sales .

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