Online shopping – this is what counts in 2022!

In the past, we had to buy all consumer goods in stores. Fortunately, those days are over. Everyone can now do online shopping with their cell phone or laptop – from the comfort of the couch. In the meantime, however, customers have become more demanding. Online shopping is no longer a specialty, but is a natural part of our everyday life. Choosing the right shop is therefore more than ever of paramount importance. The following tips will help you choose the right provider.

Don’t look too closely at the prices!

Of course, we would all like to benefit from the lowest possible prices. We use price search engines to get the latest bargains or look for cashback offers and discount codes. However, there is much more to an all-round successful online shopping experience. A pleasant, intuitive user interface helps the customer to quickly find the product they want. If you have any questions, the support should be at your side with words and deeds – as well as in the shop. Good web shops often have a telephone hotline or live chat, through which competent salespeople recommend suitable products.

Pay attention to the shipping and payment conditions!

Online shopping scores when it comes to convenient shopping. We don’t have to get in the car, go to the nearest town and find a parking space just to buy a little something. Good shops value fair purchasing conditions. This starts with the payment terms. In addition to payment in advance, electronic means of payment such as PayPal or credit card should also be offered – SSL encrypted of course.

It’s also good if you don’t pay too much for shipping when shopping online. Larger orders should not incur any extra costs at all. The situation is similar if the customer wants to return. Outstanding shops offer a free shipping label for the return transaction. When shopping for textiles such as trousers, jackets and shoes online, an inexpensive and prompt return is important. After all, you often only know after trying it on whether the dress will fit you – or not.

Sustainable online shopping – is that even possible?

Of course, Co² emissions are also produced when shopping online. The desired goods are finally transported from the warehouse to the front door. According to studies, however, online shopping is generally more climate-friendly than driving into the city yourself.

Nevertheless, sustainability will be increasingly demanded by customers in 2022. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your own purchases even fairer. This includes, for example, the use of climate-neutral shipping. Any cardboard packaging can be used by the customer – e.g. B. for stowing objects.

Sustainable online shopping doesn’t just mean looking at the issue of “climate”. It also means paying attention to the production conditions of the desired items. Many textile manufacturers still have their products made in sweatshops. Fair trade and eco labels should be clearly visible when shopping online so that you can make a personal purchase decision. Specialized shops screen the entire production chain at their own expense in order to ensure environmentally friendly and socially responsible production of the items on offer.

This is of course also reflected in the price. Each customer has to decide for himself whether sustainable online shopping justifies the additional costs.


Price will also play an important role in 2022. At the same time, online retailing no longer only distinguishes itself through possible discounts and savings campaigns. The trend is towards more service, because the customer has become more demanding. Not only does he want to buy at a good price, he also wants advice and support. You are also willing to pay a little more for this.

This is especially true when the shop tries to focus on sustainability. However, customers must not have excessive expectations. Fairly traded products have their price! Nevertheless, it is increasingly expected that online shops at least try to minimize their ecological and social footprint.

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