Buy now, pay later (BNPL) platform Klarna presented a browser extension on Thursday (December 9th) that enables customers to use the company’s flexible payment options on their desktop computers in all online shops, including those who are not Klarna partners.

Before the start of the beta test, the browser extension is divided into more than 100,000 buyers. Desktop shopping quickly makes up a third of all e-commerce traffic and 44% of online orders come from a desktop, Klarna said.

„While mobile shopping is booming, we are also seeing that many consumers are still enjoying the convenience of browsing and comparing items on a larger desktop screen,“ said David Fock, Klarna’s chief product officer, in the company announcement. “We want to give consumers the best shopping and payment experience in the world – no matter what device they use.

„With the introduction of our browser extension , consumers who shop on their desktop can now benefit from the convenience, control and flexibility of Klarna’s ‚Pay Later‘ services in all of their favorite online stores,“ added.

The new feature automatically adds coupons and cashback offers for purchases made with Klarna’s BNPL option. Klarna’s recent acquisition of Piggy will fuel the implementation and growth of the browser extension.

„Online retailers are constantly looking for ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve the shopping experience – especially during the crucial Christmas shopping season,“ said Nicholas Mahalec, Klarna Product Director and former Piggy CEO, in the company announcement. „The new browser extension not only saves consumers valuable time and money, it also increases the engagement and loyalty of retailers – regardless of whether they are already a Klarna partner.“

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Klarna recently expanded its partnership with the modern card issuing platform Marqeta to include Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Klarna started Marqeta’s card issuing platform in the US in 2018 to operate the virtual card in Klarna’s mobile shopping app, then Marqeta supported the introduction of Klarna in Australia in 2020 and the most recent expansion to New Zealand. Klarna, in Portugal, is also represented in 19 on three continents.

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