Selling products: what platforms are there?


Finding a platform for selling products is not very difficult: We all know eBay, for example, and this portal is open to private and commercial dealers alike. If you want to sell products on the Amazon platform, you have to adhere to very strict rules of the game, which are probably nowhere so precisely defined. Therefore, practically only professional traders choose the US giant when they are looking for a platform to sell products. For private individuals there are, on the other hand, somewhat smaller portals such as Etsy: Selling products on this platform is relatively straightforward.

Selling products on a platform: what should be considered?

When selling products on a platform, some marketing rules apply:

  • # 1 The platform has to match the product.
  • # 2 The products require an exact product description. Some platforms such as Amazon have strict guidelines for this.
  • # 3 Images always promote sales. Without a picture, selling products on any platform is extremely difficult.
  • # 4 The price has to be right. Every retailer who intends to sell products on a platform should find out about the prices of the competition.
  • # 5 Last but not least, the products need some search engine marketing. SEO is always useful, but of course time consuming. If you sell high-priced products and want to push the platform for this, you can also use search engine advertising. This is expensive, and in addition it mostly benefits not only your own product, but possibly also the competition.

Sell products and find a platform

There are some large portals for commercial and private sellers in the DACH area, as well as a number of interesting niche platforms. Very special products are traded there, which large online retailers often do not include in their range. Let’s look at some examples.


As mentioned, selling products on this platform is more for commercial retailers who have to strictly adhere to the rules of the game set by Amazon. As customers, we know it: every product description on Amazon begins with five bullet points, for example. That is a regulation of this dealer. There are more such regulations, some of them are very restrictive. Anyone who does not adhere to them will be blocked by the online giant. We would not advise against any private individual to sell on Amazon, but it is not easy. The competition on the portal is great, which means that it is difficult to control where your own product is placed within a category. The portal has its own search engine, the algorithms of which are difficult to understand. But those who master the rules and tricks will reach a very large clientele and benefit from the excellent sales processing at Amazon. Sellers can choose between two accounts: the basic account is intended for sales of fewer than 40 items per month, the professional seller account for those dealers who sell more products on this platform. The accounts differ in terms of conditions.


Private individuals who are looking for a platform to sell their products should definitely recommend eBay. The Classified Ads section is also very useful on eBay. The portal was once developed as an auction platform for sales by private sellers. Even if more and more commercial dealers are getting their points here, the process is still relatively easy. This is good for private individuals who are looking for a platform to sell their products. You can even set up your own eBay shop. There are four different subscriptions for the shops on eBay and different fee models. Which one is suitable depends on your own sales volume.


If you want to sell creative, handcrafted products and use a platform, you should look around on Etsy. The portal from the USA is well suited for hobbyists who want to turn their hobby into a little extra income. The fees are just as low as the entry barriers.

Avocado Store

If you want to sell ecological products and use a platform with this specialization, you are in good hands on this portal. Dealers are also increasingly using it. The fees are higher than those of Etsy, for example, but the range is now also considerable in the DACH area.

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